Klacht: Atention OPLICHTERS !!!

op 28 juli 2016 over Outlet Maas en Waal in de categorie Handelsondernemeing

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Hello everyone,
My name is Julian, I am from Romania, I am married with a dutch girl and we have a little boy 9 moth old. So I live in Nederland.
I have recently wanted to buy a Puffertjes Kram from this…”company”!!!
I just wanted to help someone who is in need and give a hand trying to have a job using this.
I have payed in advance 1000 euro from my company and I was supposed to pay the rest in 3 weeks. I have recieved from him the POS bon for the transaction and also a paper telling that I have payed this 1000 and I have the difference to pay.
The thing is that I did trust this man because he was really kind and he talked very nice. He told me that the trailer is in good shape and that can be drive with an B driving licence. I did believed him on that time but latter on in a couple of days I have found that I am not aloud to drive it in the back of my car. I wanted to take it out from Nederland and give it to someone as I said in need but because I could not have it in the back of my car I did call this ….person and I have tried to explain him that it is not possible for me to have it and therefore I will like to have my money back. This was after exactly 4 days since I have been there to see the trailer and payed 1000 euro in advance.
Right away he started to threaten me telling that anyway I will pay all the money because we had an agreement(he lied telling me that I can drive it with B category) and if I will not then he will send incasso and his lawyers to take all the money from me and also I will not see the Kram. My wife tried to talk to him nicely and make him understand that we can not have that trailer and we will like to have the 1000 euro back.
He started to say bad words to her and again threaten her. He even make her cry and she was really scared because of his behaviour. I have already more than a month waiting for my money back and nothing. I just want to know that in this country is anyone that can do something against this kind of inhuman persons?!?
Is this country safe and free because of this kind of Oplichters???
I do have a lot of evidence to prove all that I have written. Emails phone messages and recordings!!!
If anyone had/have the same problem or similar with this company kimlyn / mass en waal or whatever other name they have please…..I do want to meet you and probably together we can do something.
I have a lot of evidence also that this person is a racist. He want me and all the other non dutch out of the country!!! And there are more!!!
Please anyone I do need help!!!
Kindly Julian

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I want first this kind of oplichters to disappear for good!!!
I DO want my money back!!!
I don't want to hear from this person anymore!!!

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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