Klacht: 400 euro become 880 euro in 1 year

op 13 december 2011 over UWV in de categorie klachtmelden

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I was paid by Uitekering when I was out of jobs for several months, in the year 2009-2010. I’m back to work again now since then, and pay the monthly payment to UWV via my company that I work for. Apparently there’s some money I have to paid back due for too much payment for about 400 euro. But I didn’t notice this since I was moved out to a new place in Amsterdam, my official address is still in Westervoort, but Im moving to a new place where I can’t register yet, so unfortunately I still keep my old address as my official address. I was not aware that I still owe 400 euro money to them due too too much payment ( the date that I start and the date they paid is difference). I acknowledge this money that I have to pay, but suddenly I found they raise the money from 400 to 880 euro in a little over 1 year !!! , this is insane, by what law they allow them selves to do this . I complain this strongly. and I dont accept this.

Gewenste Oplossing:

Interest rate should be reasonable. I acknowledge I have to pay, but come on 2 times the amount is ridiculous and unaccepted.

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